Echo: The Next Generation

Welcome to the Web Page of Echo's Parenting Conference

Echo is an online community, a forum for intelligent conversation and fun of all stripes. Our little corner of this world is a place to discuss our children and our lives as parents.

We're just like parents everywhere.
We have our good days and we have our bad days.

Like parents everywhere, we think our kids say
the cutest things ever!!

And sometimes we are very, very wise.

Here's what's nearest and dearest to our own hearts --

This is stuff our kids made!!

ball pictureHere are some pictures of Max and Luc

ball picture Sierra James has written a story about a girl named Marie-Claude

ball picture Jesse Nahem and his friend have written and illustrated The Giant Worm Hole Book 2

ball picture Conor Wenk (with some, shall we say, encouragement from his mom) made his own web page

ball picture Annie Livingston has opened an art gallery

ball picture Edith and Lukas Lerner--At age 2, they were already on the web!

ball picture Max Baumbach Speaks! And Draws!!

ball picture A baby picture of Julia Rachel Cumming

ball picture It's Greg MacDonald's Interactive Dinosaur!

It's a website about kids. Of course we have LINKS!!!

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