by Sierra James

At six o'clock in the morning Marie-Claude woke up to the sound of her favorite clock ticking. It was an annoying sound. She hurled a lamp at it and the clocked stopped ticking.

Marie-Claude had an urge to go shopping. She changed into a polka dot dress and glittery Jelly Shoes. She didn't mind that ants had made their home in her shoes, which she often used as strawberry ice cream bowls.

Of all the things Marie-Claude loved, there was nothing she loved more than shopping. It filled her with a bubbly joy. Everything she bought was stored in her house. Somehow she managed to cram odd items into small, square spaces to make room for more oddly shaped items. She bought whatever caught her attention, whether she had already bought it or not, so she had duplicates or even triplicates of her favorite items.

"Come on my little pooch! We're going to the drug store!" she sang as she pulled on her favorite Dick Tracy style overcoat.

As always the cashiers were thrilled to see Marie-Claude and her little pooch. (Pooch was an exception to their no animals in the store rule.)

Marie-Claude grabbed the biggest cart in the store and dashed through the aisles stuffing whatever caught her attention into the cart. She bought hair clips, candy, magazines, over the counter pills, neon bandages, makeup and many, many other useless accessories.

Then she loaded everything into her Yugo. There was so much stuff in her car that it moved very slowly. Junk was crammed against the windows, making it impossible to see out. She considered pulling over to the side of the road and calling a cab, but she wasn't sure where the side of the road was.

Marie-Claude felt a funny feeling, as if she were flying. The car glided in mid air, then did a few flips and landed in the water. It made such a giant splash that people staring over the bridge at the accident were soaked. The car burst open and Marie-Claude floated to shore on a giant rubber duck.

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