The Web is full of great places for kids to visit. Here are a few that we like a lot:

star picture Visit Theodore Tugboat! An interactive story, a coloring book, and if you leave your address
Theodore will send you a postcard!

ball picture Check out all the extremely cool info and big fun at
Bill Nye the Science Guy!

star picture Echo's very own Spingo has made a great story for his nephew.
It's about a dinosaur!

ball picture Sending postcards is fun!
Here's a place to send 'em from the Web!

star picture This page was made by my friend Rachel.
She's 11, and she is very cool.

ball picture This is a really wonderful site
and it's just for girls!!

star picture The Exploratorium in San Francisco is
another great science site.

ball picture You can never learn too much about

star picture Or if you don't like cockroaches
Maybe you'll like these frogs!

ball picture Or check out these

star picture Don't like your local newspaper?
Make your own!

ball picture Need to look something up?
This is one of the best reference sites ever.

star picture You say you have a question about bubbles?
Ask Professor Bubbles!

And here are some good places for parents and other friends of kids:

ball picture A very good listing of sites for both kids and adults is
The Kids on the Web

star picture As long as your kids are online, they might as well learn some stuff about safety
Safety tips for kids, the interactive way

ball picture Want to help your own kids get their work published on the Web?
Here's a place to do it

star picture Even if you're not into home schooling
this is an excellent listing of education resources

ball picture No one know more about how to make kids feel confident and happy than
Mr. Rogers

star picture If your family moves in cyber-circles, you might want to look at

ball picture Now there's a Yahoo
just for kids!

star picture Our own Neandergal writes a column for Metrobeat
about kids in the city

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