Our Kids Are So Funny!

And Wise Beyond Their Years!

Sarah M/

I have the TV on and someone said something about "charity" and Conor said, "Hey, I'm sitting in a chair! Charity!"

Return of the Hepcat in the Hat

My friend at work has a 20-month old who has figured out where dinner comes from. When her parents are too harried to get it ready fast enough to suit her, she picks up the phone and yells, "Rice! Rice!"

ZEV (fast and scientific, still)

When Becky went into labour with Ariel, I saw her standing there, took a look and said "Oh Your water broke." Daniel (3 at the time) was right behind me, pipes up "That's OK Mommy. We can fix it."

Sarah M/

Conor watched the beginning of the Frank Sinatra TV special with me, and when I told him Frank had four wives, he was sort of shocked, and then every time a woman walked on stage he'd say "Is that one of his wives?" and I'd say no and he'd say "He didn't marry her yet?"

New Beginning

Driving with Annie in the car when she asked the big question -- "How did I get in your tummy?" She knows about pregnancy and some of the particulars. So I gave her a really basic explanation. Then I didn't know if I'd told enough or not so I said "Do you want to know more?" She paused, said yes, paused again and said, "When did you buy this car?"


Alex asking me for the third time where my penis was, as I got out of the shower. Usually, I tell him that girls don't have penises, but we went the second step today. I told him that girls don't have penises, because they have vaginas instead.
Alex: "Girls have pajamas? So they go to sleep??" He was totally confused.
Now I'm totally confused...


Hannah is in her high chair eating dinner, vegetables and rice. The radio is tuned to NPR, and the report is on the release of Windows 95, Apple's response, and Microsoft's strategies, etcetera. Every other word must have been Microsoft, because before long Hannah looked up and said, "I want sauce, Mom." What kind of sauce? I asked. "Microsauce," she said.

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