Conor Makes His Own Web Page!

(All images selected and commentary made by Conor himself, guaranteed.)

picture of Mr. BurnsCrush those Simpsons!!!


Dragon Ball Z picture Here is a picture of Dragon Ball Z.

You can go to Doug's Dragon Ball Z page and see cool pictures, games, and other cool stuff.



SpidermanThis is a picture of Spiderman.

This is a really good song about Spiderman.


BatmanAnd here's a picture of Batman.

Wallace and Gromit are funny and only Gromit is smart, he reads a lot of books and stuff. This page is very good. It has movies and pictures and sounds of Wallace and Gromit.


I think spiders are very cool

I like the movie Toy Story.
This is Buzz Lightyear Buzz and this is Woody Woody.

This is the story of my toys Sunshine and Moonshine

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