A few weeks ago I took a train to visit a friend in Westchester. I ended up the filling in a tyke sandwich--a 3-or-so-year-old behind me, another in front, making a loud, fast friendship over my head, pretending to be Batman and Robin and such, until the little guy behind me was made to sit down by the woman with him. The kid in front kept hollering, "What's the matter? What's wrong? Are you trapped?" in response to the whimperings of the kid behind.

Finally, the little boy in front got off the train with the woman with him. The kid behind me started yelling, "Bye! Bye!" until his friend waved, then they parted with the boy behind yelling, "I LOVE YOU, BOY!"

Would have been an alltime great moment, had not his mom/guardian snapped, "You can't love a boy." The young woman in my row snapped her head around and said, "Of course he can!"

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