ECHO's New York Conference Reader


A fine example of creativity on the Net, or yet another Web vanity site? You be the judge! We feature stories and such from members of Echo's New York Conference, where Echoids go to discuss the things that make our hometown:

the greatest city in the world
hell on earth
home to TV's Tony Randall
all of the above

"What the heck is Echo?"
Echo, a.k.a. "East Coast Hang-Out," is an Internet service provider and thriving virtual community with an attitude that owes much to its location in New York City. A note on bylines: on Echo, some of us use self-chosen nicknames, or "handles." They represent who we are as Echoids, and they're used throughout this siter.

The New York Conference hosts are Twang, an Upper-Upper West Sider, and TriBeCa resident James Sanders.

binki says:
"have you seen IT?"


Tales from the Coop
The Park Slope Food Coop's monthly meetings are not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach -- and thanks to Josh Karpf's affectionately satirical reports, you are there! Is this really democracy in action?

New York the Way It Really Never Was
The Flour Riots of 1871 were only the beginning. Nemo, Null Dogmas, and Ragged Paul present New York history as nobody remembers it.

New York Stories
Cabbie patter...pot-holes...whatever happened to telephone exchanges? A handful of short vignettes on life in New York from members of the conference.

New York Links
Twang's personal (very personal) links to New York-related resources on the Web.

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