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The Movies and TV Conference confers instant critic status on all who participate. So what if you haven't seen the movie or the show! This is the place to find out about it and talk about it. From old movies to the latest from Hong Kong, from cop and hospital shows to Seinfeld and South Park, from awards and film festivals to the Best Actor Alive — they're all here along with anything you'd want to add.

The M/tv Guarantee: All hotheaded arguments are guided by a mutual pursuit of artistic integrity.

Your Hosts: Erin Clermont (Erin a.k.a. EB) and Jonathan Hayes

Gilda's Precious Moments in
M/tv History

The Films of Alan Smithee

Scintillating roundtable on an unsung genius of the cinema, director Alan Smithee. The facts we unearthed about Smithee netted an invite for M/tv Smithee scholars to attend a distinguished film conference at the University of Pennsylvania!

The Great FARGO Debate

Who would have thought that a chance remark about an insignificant aspect of the great 1996 movie Fargo would generate such wide-ranging emotions, such ... ugliness? What do you think: Were they hookers, or were they just good-time gals?

[Rita Hayworth as Gilda]
"Decent? Me?"
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