Activism and Graphic Design

O.K., so Bottomer has been after me to get these up on the web. Here they are. A group calling itself concerned Catholics of conscience, in response to the Pope's October visit to New York City, plastered posters all over town. Two of our members worked to design the posters- what good are cyberqueers if they can't use Photoshop?

The posters were meant to deal with three issues the protestors had with the Pope: his stand on women (abortion, ordination, etc.), his stand on queers, and his stand on HIV and contraception. They deliberately did not attack the church itself, only John Paul's dragging the papacy a hundred years into the past.

Anyway, enough yammering: let's see the posters.

The downloads are in PICT format, sized at 11"x17". I'll be getting the 8.5"x11" versions up soon.

Download them, print them out and use them, only if you're going to use them for good and not evil. Please e-mail me at Go To Echo Homepage

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