Things That Make Me Cringe (excerpt)

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January 1994: Vermin

The following cringeworthy tales and chit-chat were posted in ECHO's Culture Conference, Item #377.

Missing posts are merely ones which are not directly related to the subject of mice, rats, roaches, spiders, monkeys or snakes . Oh yeah -- and one frog.

Things That Make Me Cringe is now found in ECHO's Off Central Conference as Ill!.

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1625) Phiber Nemo                                   07-JAN-94  20:25
 While I was cleaning the other day, a roach walked by in a new size:
 not the compact or mack truck variety which I usually see (I have a little
 can with a screen on it for catching the big ones... as long as this is
 the cringe item...) No - this was a medium size "yuppie pickup" sized one.
 I guess they grow to be the Mack truck size from that. Too bad I didn't
 catch it! I coulda found out!

1627) The Optikal Apparatus 07-JAN-94 21:41 you guys should visit the insect zoos at either the National Museum of Natty History (DC), or the Liberty Science Museum (Jersey). They have some astoundinly large roaches that hiss when you pet them - which the bug-heads will let you do. Also, both zoos have specimens of the world's largest known spider, The Goliath Bird Catcher. It looks like a rather huge tarantula (yes, it has fur). It's got a body the size of a softball, and leg-to-leg spred of about a foot. It's so big that my gal, who hates all insect life intensely, loves them. Sort of like pain that "hurts so good," this creates a cringe that puts a smile on your face.
1628) Ann Fine 07-JAN-94 21:44 i thought the bigest spider was the 'bird-eating spider'
1629) The Optikal Apparatus 07-JAN-94 21:47 Note the strange coincidence: Bird Eating Spider - Goliath Bird Catcher. Could it be the translation from the portuguese? Methinks this amazonian critter probably bears at least three or four other English monikers, all from the same root. But the one thing to note is that the spider only eats insects, and most Amazonian indians consider it to be a sign of good luck if one lives in the roof othe the hut.
1630) Ann Fine 07-JAN-94 21:51 Spiders are wicked. they are not good luck. once someone stole a box in UK and they didn't know it contained a bird eating spider. there was a massive search for it all over England. i couldn't go out for days. i was so scared. but then the thief just left the box somewhere and called the police.
1631) Marianne -- MRPetit 07-JAN-94 22:58 Aw, Ann ... didn't Charlotte's Web touch you at all? That's "Some Pig". BTW, I have a potential cringer. A vet told us we should try throwing one of those littly pinky mice into the tank for one of our lizards. (who tends to suffer calcium deficiencies). I'm not sure about this.
1632) Jonathan Hayes 07-JAN-94 23:00 Give them yogurt.
1633) Marianne -- MRPetit 07-JAN-94 23:01 Yogurt doesn't move.
1634) Jonathan Hayes 07-JAN-94 23:02 It does if you stir in a few pink mice...
1635) Marianne -- MRPetit 07-JAN-94 23:04 My concern is not that they're going to kill and eat them. It's that they won't. They'll be completely disinterested. And then I'll have a bunch of pink mice that I won't know what to do with. (for I do not want to kill them, nor eat them)
1636) Jonathan Hayes 07-JAN-94 23:05 You're a pretty poor excuse for a Lower East Sider, Marianne.
1637) Marianne -- MRPetit 07-JAN-94 23:08 Naaah, I can kill big ol roaches with my bare hands. Rats are another story. The other night I was walking home and I evidently startled some rats from behind the garbage cans. Anyway (here's the rather gross part), one ran out towards me and landed on my foot. So, I kicked it. It was a nasty feeling having that warm rabid rodent on my foot. But, if you want a real cringer I can post my dreadful "the rat who came to the housewarming and wouldn't go away" story!
1638) Dexter 07-JAN-94 23:22 I was real bummed when the NYC transit dept fixed a hole in the garbage storage shed on the 6th ave L train platform. There was this large brown rat that lived in that shed. I would see it when I was waiting for a train late at night. Musta been there for 2 years or so. Not that we were on a first name basis or anything.... but it did warm a small spot in my heart to see something survive in NYC that long.
1640) Spingo Optik 08-JAN-94 16:22 Rat story, Marianne! Please!
1642) Cleoptik 08-JAN-94 17:34 I love spiders. Their legs fascinate me. But rats, ugh. I was staying in this cheap hotel in India once, where for a shower there was this concrete square with a bucket and a spigot. You filled the bucket and washed by scooping water from the bucket. I woke in the middle of one night to hear SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH. Couldn't imagine what it was. Light on, tiptoe behind the partition -- rat! The rat had gotten in the bucket somehow and couldn't get out. Since there was no one working at night downstairs, I had to stay the whole night listening to SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH, swim, swim swim, SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH. Not the best way to fall back asleep. (did kinda feel sorry for the rat, though)
1643) Marianne -- MRPetit 08-JAN-94 17:35 Ha! Okay, Spingo, you asked for it. We had a housewarming party. Over a hundred people showed and up and were crammed into our little apartment (for those of you who have seen it, you know how alarming that number is). At some point during the night a rat also entered the house. No one noticed it. The next day, however, it became apparent something large was sharing our home. It ate my body shop soap, knocked over Jeremy's bong and left a trail of large doo doo wherever it went. Well, I couldn't handle this. We left traps out, used poison. Nothing worked. It managed to eat the food out of the traps and not get caught. Meanwhile, I refused to be home alone with the rat. And we could not figure out where it was hiding in the apartment. Neither one of us could sleep, for fear of it trampling over us on the bed (and the gross part is, we both have reason to suspect it did), we slept with a police club by the bed, and I refused to sleep without big heavy boots on. This continued for two days. On the third, exhausted, tense and wondering where the rat was I started to make some dinner. I was boiling water for pasta when I noticed there was this horrible smell coming from the stove. I looked down and realized the rat evidently liked to hide in the little space between the stove and the oven. He pooped all over that space and when I turned the burner on I was baking his feces. So, there I am in my lobster mitts, running around the apartment holding a pot of boiling water and squealing. I waited up for him that night. In my big boots and with billy club in hand. Suddenly this BIG, disgusting creature crawls out from behind the stove and starts scrambling all over the condiment rack. I couldn't take it and was about to move out, when we noticed that he kept going into the bathroom during the day, knocking over all my toiletries on the way to the window. He wanted to get out. So, the next morning we left the window and screen open, and he scampered out (and down the wall of a two-story shaft). We never saw him again. And the apartment was disinfected.
1644) Cleoptik 08-JAN-94 17:43 That's so hysterical. By the time I read about the rat crawling over the condiment rack, I was hanging off the chair laughing (HOCL).
1645) Topper Hates Snow 08-JAN-94 18:39 Oh my god. For a minute I thought i was i the Horror item.
1646) Skyvue Optik 08-JAN-94 19:53 Yikes! Who pressured Marianne to share that horrid tale?!?! If that happened to me, I believe I'd be looking at the isle of Manhattan in my rear-view mirror in no time...
1647) Spingo Optik 08-JAN-94 21:03 oh my god. that sounds horrible. Thanks!
1648) Dexter 08-JAN-94 23:14 pausing to lube up the .22 and bait my window sill........... sssshhhhhhh! I'm wrattt hunting, haaaaa....
1649) 2low40 09-JAN-94 11:55 i cant believe i kept reading...ugh.
1650) squirreless 09-JAN-94 12:05 Marianne -- you are QUITE a vivid writer...heh! All of this reminds me of a mouse story from mom's apt. years ago (don't think I've shared the joy yet, so here goes): She lives in a housing project downtown and for a while she had quite a problem with mice. I'd be sitting watching TV in the living room after finishing my high school homework and something would scamper across the carpet in my peripheral vision, etc. etc. Well once I went into the bathroom and saw a mouse which had climbed into the tub and couldn't get out. I took off yelling for my mom -- as I can't bear to squash anything, insectoid or rodential, with my bare hands and she is fearless from growing up on a farm -- after placing a bucket upside down on the little critter. Well, she came back into the bathroom and righted the bucket and used the bottom to squash-kill the mouse. At which point I once again took off from the bathroom.
1651) Marianne -- MRPetit 09-JAN-94 12:39 eeeeew ... shuddering at the thought of squashing something that has internal organs.
1652) Marianne -- MRPetit 09-JAN-94 12:40 BTW, sorry I grossed you guys out. Frankly, in hindsight I think its sort of a hoot.
1653) Bob Fois 09-JAN-94 12:57 That is almost as bad as the time my brother accidently drove the lawnmower over a LARGE frog. Major internal organ damage... spewed everywhere.
1654) Josh Karpf 09-JAN-94 13:05 Why are so many women such wimps when it comes to killing small mammals? I know assertive feminists who all but hop on chairs when they see a little mousie.
1655) BarbK 09-JAN-94 17:40 Several years ago, I made the mistake of cleaning out my hall closet. I removed a big bag of old clothes, which I later discovered hid a hole. For the next two weeks, I had mice. My cat, Einstein, thought it was a hoot. While I had nightmares about hundreds of mice scampering around the apartment, she would nose after these tiny little scratchings inside of a closet, or behind my bookcase. My landlord put out old-fashioned traps, and every day at least one little body would be found, but they didn't stop coming. The height of the excitement was the day that I opened my closet, and saw this tiny mouse cowering in the corner. I immediately called the landlord (he lived downstairs) up. As soon as he showed up, the mouse suddenly took off, out of the closet and across my living room floor. Einstein took off after the mouse. My landlord followed Einstein. I followed the landlord. It was like a Keystone Kops chase. The mouse found refuge behind my radiator. Einstein, having the time of her life, began carefully pawing at it, wanting to investigate this interesting plaything before she dissected it. My landlord, an Irish immigrant with not a sentimental bone in his body where vermin were concerned, shouted at my cat to stop playing with it and kill it, yer damn fool animal! Finally the mouse made a break for freedom -- and got caught in the roach motel behind my stereo. My landlord, delighted, picked up the roach motel and slowly closed his fist.... I cringed. So did my landlady, when he offered to show it to her. My cat, on the other hand, was heartbroken that her toy was gone. (I soon after discovered the hole in the floor of the closet and plugged it up. No more problems after that....)
1656) Cleoptik 09-JAN-94 17:41 No, Josh. I've had guys go creepy over bugs that I've then picked up in my hands and put out the window.
1657) Ellen T. 09-JAN-94 17:53 one thing that really makes me cringe is misunderstandings on t.v and in the movies. Like on the HOneymooners when Ralph is caught in some weird situations which isn't the way it seems to be but (this is the cringing part) NOBODY BELIEVES HIM. Or Romeo and Juliet when they both think the other one is dead. This drives me crazy. I cringe all over. Then I turn the channel.
1658) Topper Hates Snow 09-JAN-94 17:54 I killed a mouse by bonking it on it's li'l head. I had to do it several times because it wouldn't die at first bonk. oy. I made phil come out of his office and get rid of the dead body though. we are now a mouse free household.
1659) cafephreak 09-JAN-94 18:21 When I lived in Oregon, a family of mice started to live on my dog's food in the basement. They got happy and comfortable and started to multiply. Mostly, they stayed in the basement so we didn't even realize how many of them there were. Finally the colony became so huge that they moved into the rest of the house. We started trapping them the old-fashioned way. 3 or 4 got caught every day. We started to keep a tally on a sheet of paper on the basement door. We caught nearly 70 mice in a very short span of time. It was disgusting. And Turtle, my dog, was completely oblivious to them.
1660) Jonathan Hayes 09-JAN-94 18:29 Trust me, you don't want to hear MY mice or rat stories...
1661) Squirrelesse 09-JAN-94 20:16 You know, Jonathan, I trust you on many things, but I think my overactive curiosity is gonna get me into trouble this time by saying: tell! (and Josh? I can deal with domestic mice -- my younger niece had 2 as pets -- but the 'wild' variety gives me The Fear of vermin on the vermin.)
1662) Josh Karpf 09-JAN-94 21:03 Cleo, bugs are horrible and I go apeshit whenever I see one until it has been cornered and returned to its ancestors' protoplasmic state o' being. But bugs are DIFFERENT! Mice are just... mice.
1663) Jonathan Hayes 09-JAN-94 21:04 No way.
1664) Squirrelesse 09-JAN-94 21:07 as ever, you, dear boy, are a tease
1666) Rob Tannenbaum 09-JAN-94 23:37 The biggest rats in New York are stereo salesmen.
1667) Eric A. Hochman 10-JAN-94 0:44 For my mouse story, we must travel back in time to my sophomore year at college. I was living in one of the off-campus residence halls, and the best word I can think of to describe the building is "decrepit". I swear that the place was still standing only because of the support lent by the fourteen coats of paint on the walls. My room had some interesting features, such as a light fixture that would occasionally emit blue sparks which would play about on the ceiling. It was a real attention getter (made the place look a bit like Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory), but I was damn glad the bulb never burned out - this would happen even when the light was off, and I would have been afraid to change it. Mice? We're getting to the mice. Hi Janet. Another unique fixture in the room was a large steam pipe which ran from floor to ceiling in one corner. It would hiss ominously, but seemed harmless, and helped keep the room warm. The idiot residence counselor who lived down the hall didn't share my view. One day he saw it hissing, and insisted it needed to be fixed. Some maintainance people showed up the next day while I was out. Now the pipe hissed a little bit less, and there was a large, ragged hole in the floor surrounding the pipe. Thank you, maintainance. Mice considered this an invitation to live in my room. I would rarely see them, but could hear them rustle in the dark, and quickly learned not to leave any food out. I thought the traditional snap-their-neck trap was a little cruel, so I put out glue traps. The mice somehow avoided them (rodent radar, I guess), so I put out MORE glue traps. Finally, one day, I caught two mice. Great. Now I had to figure out something intelligent to do with two living, unhappy mice. I thought they would be a nice gift for the chucklehead residence counselor, so I left them for him, swimming in the sink of the communal bathroom. They were actually sort of cute, paddling around in the sink. I didn't like most of my neighbors that year, and didn't really care too much who found them. Twenty minutes later I checked on the mice and discovered that, in fact, mice can't swim.
1669) The Sandman-Optique 10-JAN-94 0:57 mice in glue traps REALLY can't swim I had a friend who was going a bit crazy one summer with no air conditioning, an extremely hot summer (1990), and asthma. He used to play the soundtrack from APOCALYPSE NOW and chase mice behind the dresser, where he would crush them. When he found ants on the floor, he would make helicopter sound effects and spray them with bug spray and pretend it was Napalm. All this ended with his lung collapsing in late July.
1670) The Sandman-Optique 10-JAN-94 0:57 But he still has flashbacks, man.
1671) Eric A. Hochman 10-JAN-94 1:07 The mice had been carefully released from the glue traps.
1672) 2low40 10-JAN-94 10:08 ok here goes: i was 13 working illegally as a "bus boy" in a restaurant. one night i was replenishing the salad bar with a big bowl of lettuce, as i walked toward the bar, i felt a firm "crunch", assuming it was a head of lettuce on the floor i leaned down to pick it up in this dark restaurant and grabbed the remains of the dead rats skull- i have never been the same since, truly traumatizing- nor have i ever worked in a restaurant again...
1673) Phi-Berg Optik 10-JAN-94 12:40 If folks knew what went on in the kitchens of some restaurants, they would never eat out again. Of course there's the usual picking up of food that had fallen on the floor, and serving it anyway. Or deliberately sneezing on the food of a particularly picky customer. But the King Cringe award goes to a story a guy I knew told me: He worked in McDonald's. He claims he and his friends used to piss on the grills.
1674) Twang 10-JAN-94 13:06 Well, at least urine is sterile.
1675) Tom Fawcett 10-JAN-94 14:57 This item has gone way beyond the 'cringe' point.
1676) Marianne -- MRPetit 10-JAN-94 17:18 Agree. The crunch under gwen's foot kind of did it for me. I once worked in a building where glue traps were used. The custodian once confessed that everytime he found a mouse in the gluetrap, he would soak its little feet in warm water and set the mouse free. BTW, Ellen T., I often cringe at tv sitcoms, especially at the "misunderstanding" scenario you describe, or at the sappy moments. I think its called "excessive empathy".
1677) Cleoptik 10-JAN-94 17:46 Eric, I pictured your mouse swimming in the sink with the glue trap stuck to one of its feet.
1678) elOptikay 10-JAN-94 20:45 i feel like i posted this back when it happened, but maybe not here. my cat killed a mouse about a month and a half ago. i found the corpse by stepping on it sock-foot (at least i was not bare-foot). it just looked like a lintball to me, so i bent in real close, and realized it was a mouse body, sans head. the next evening, while cleaning up for a party, i found the head. lovely.
1680) Duo Damsel = Yvette 10-JAN-94 23:54 I have dissected many animals, I've owned snakes, I've fed those snakes live mice and baby chicks and I've even owned mice named Gudrun and Gerald, but nothing makes me cringe more than cockroaches.
1681) Spingo Optik 11-JAN-94 1:04 Alll-RIGHT! this item is hittin' a FIINE stride! Keep it up! Yeah!
1682) The Lonesome Drifter 11-JAN-94 1:13 Well, how about this: The reason glue traps give me even more of The Fear than snap-their-li'l-neck ones do is that I've heard too many first-hand reports from people whose rodent visitors had gotten not just their feet but their fat little tummies stuck to the boards and, in the frenzy of futile escape, managed to leave their detached chest walls on the board, thus affording the interested layman an unusually clear view of the normally sequestered entrails. How's that? I wasn't going to mention this, but Spingo subjected me to irresistable "peer pressure."
1690) Dexter 11-JAN-94 2:51 My apartment is one of those railroad style places where most of the rooms are interconnected. And you enter from the outer hallway into the dining room, where the kitchen is off to the right. Anyway, I came home late one night, feeling particularly depressed, switched on the overhead light, and this mouse comes runing full speed out of the kitchen. It gets halfway across the dining room floor and drops dead in its tracks. My only comment, said at the top of my lungs was "My cooking's not that BAD!". I proceeded to deposit it in the trash, take a shower and have a good cry.
1691) Mo Nothing in particular 11-JAN-94 9:49 I actually have two mouse stories, but I posted the "mouse in a paint bucket" story a while back, and don't feel like repeating. However, in college I once shared a suite with four other guys, and for a time, some mice. The glue traps worked wonders, and each of us got a turn to get rid of the mice so caught. The last mouse we caught (we didn't know it was the last at the time, but trust me, itwas the last) had clearly been trapped early in a day, and wasn't found until late that night. So the roomies waited for Jeff, the only one who hadn't disposed of a mouse, to come home, and then presented him with his chance. The glue trap had been put in the space between the stove and the wall, so was hard to get at. Jeff took one look, and realized that the mouse was already working its spell on his gorge. For example, the mouse had tried to break free, but one of it's legs was too caught. So it gnawed it off, but still couldn;t get away. In fact, upon further examination, we spotted three legs stuck to the trap independent of their owners. The current mousie still had three. Jeff didn't want t reach in and touch too close to the mouse. SO he got a broom to pull the trap out, so he could grab it. By now, the sight of the dead, legless mouse had really unnerved him. He was making nervous jokes in a quavery voice, but laughing in a prop up the courage kind of way. Jeff drags thetrap out with the broom, and then realizes he's gottenthe trap stuck t5 the broom. Jeff, holding the broom at arm's length, shoves the trap at each of us in turn, yelling, "Pull it off! Pull it off!" We quickly dive out of the way, all of us. Jeff calms for a moment, and realizes that the trap is only a little caught, A sharp tug would robably free it. He pulls the broom in closer, and slowly reaches out for the trap, as we watch. Then the mouse starts moving, trying to crawl up the broom. Jeff shrieks, runs into the nearest room, screams at one of us to open the window, and when we do, shrpaly hurls the broom out of the window and into the airshaft.
1692) Rob Tannenbaum 11-JAN-94 9:56 And where was Zeppo while all this was going on?
1693) Mo Nothing in particular 11-JAN-94 10:10 Cooking spaghetti on that selfsame stove. Making jokes about crunchy meatballs.
1694) Spingo Optik 11-JAN-94 11:05 Yeah yeah yeah! Oh, man. My mouse cringer is relatively tame but still kind of unnerving. i was up at my mom's house, and a mouse got caught in a trap (I think it was the snap kind). Anyway, we were in the kitchen reading or talking or something, and there's this high-pitched whine, like, yup, a door squeak. He kept it up for a couple of hours or so. I had to leave the room once I realized what it was. Po' lil' mousie.
1695) Dexter 11-JAN-94 17:12 my parents live in an old farm house out in the boondocks of New Jersey. Every year when the weather gets cold, they have a mouse problem. Only these mice seem to be stronger than the city variety. Several times they have heard the SNAP! of a trap, only to find that the mouse dragged itself off to die in private, taking the trap with it. So they tie strings to the traps and then tie the strings to convenient anchors to keep the traps within the room. So when you hear the SNAP! of the trap, you can just haul in your catch. Yummmm. Fresh meat. Well, ok, maybe just a little snack.
1696) Cheerful Charlie 11-JAN-94 18:40 My cockroach cringer: Working in a pizza place in Florida, when a family comes in and orders the extra-large Sicilian Pan pizza. A little over half-way through their meal, Junior says, "Hey Dad, check this out" and shows him the bottom of his slice of pizza which has about 5 or 6 dead roaches stuck to it. They go on to look at the remaining slices of pizza and each one had multiple roaches stuck to the bottom. A visit from the health dept. followed.
1697) Kevin Diesel-Optik 11-JAN-94 18:50 AAAARRRGGG!!!!!! That one got to me.
1698) OpPhantom 11-JAN-94 18:51 FUCK!!! That's no cringer. That's the fucking wrath of fucking God!
1699) elOptikay 11-JAN-94 19:56 yes, yes, yes! keep 'em coming!
1700) Spingo Optik 11-JAN-94 19:58 Holy crap!
1701) The Lonesome Drifter 11-JAN-94 19:59 It is astonishing that the hard disk didn't crash when that one was posted.
1702) Marianne -- MRPetit 11-JAN-94 20:34 Well some of us did feel a wave a of nausea at the the thought of poor little mice with exposed chest cavities. I would just like to add... I'm so proud of you all.
1704) Jonathan Hayes 11-JAN-94 21:57 I laugh to read your annecdotes. They do not make me cringe. When I was an infant of about 1 year of age, according to my mother, I was sitting in the empty bathtub in Kingston JA when a roach fell out of the tap into the tub in front of me. The Jazian reflexes were even then sharp enough for me to reach out, snap up the insect, jam it into my mouth, chew and swallow. For you see, I am a lifelong gourmand. I have also eaten grilled grasshoppers on a skewer in Thailand (the insects on the skewer, not me) and drunk the blood of a cobra as it's still-writhing carcase twisted on a table in front of me. Could someone PLEASE try and enter something which might get a rise out of me? If not, I fear that I shall have to rejoin the LOVE conference.
1706) jneil 11-JAN-94 22:01 When I lived in Zaire they used to sell monkeys, baked whole until blackened, in the local market. Curled up in the foetal position, they looked more like baby children than animals. As someone who has always liked monkeys at least as much as children, this really weirded me out.
1707) Jonathan Hayes 11-JAN-94 22:08 How did they taste, Jneil?
1708) The Lonesome Drifter 11-JAN-94 22:11 At least as good as children, I hope.
1709) jneil 11-JAN-94 22:11 Everything tastes the same with ketchup on it.
1710) Marianne -- MRPetit 11-JAN-94 22:26 Jaze, was it you who also was recently boasting eating monkey brains, with the monkey still writhing on the table?
1711) Jonathan Hayes 11-JAN-94 22:31 Nope. I think that was ToniK. But I'm not sure.
1718) Em 11-JAN-94 22:53 Last year I was lying in bed one sundy morning with my now ex-boyfriend when we heard a mouse trap go off. Neither one of us really wanted to get out of bed, but we both had to go to the bathroom *really* badly but we managed to haul our asses out of bed only to find that the mouse trap had disappeared, never to be seen again.
1720) Lisa Palac 11-JAN-94 23:48 Ah, the Jazian tale of drinking cobra blood. I remember hearing the story first-hand as I lay naked in candlelight, being fed ripe champagne grapes by a pricey dominatrix. ( Ok, she wasn't very mean.) at stately Jaze manor. Both of our eyes grew wide and I could barely swallow as he told the tale of being led through the jungle to perform this macho american act that only a fearless doctor could do. "Eeew! didn't you barf?" the dominatrix and I said. "Of course, I didn't *bahf*," Jaze replied in his uppercrust English way. Since he reall didn't barf, the only thing to do was tease him about his pronunciation. Our weapons, however, proved rather useless against him. since then, I've heard that he has serious #2 issues. I'll try that next time.
1720) Phiber Nemo 11-JAN-94 23:48 Sometimes, those little mouse traps don't work so well. A few years ago, one of the little cuddly things tripped off the trap and although it gave it a nasty concussion, the mouse continued to bump about on the floor, leaving bloody footprints and head prints on the wall. luv-er-ly! And I also had the ever popular Cringe-o-thon double feature! Hearing an odd noise in the kitchen I turned on the light to see A mouse in the garbage can, jumping up and down and an identically sized roach that it was frightened of!

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