Coky the Bug
Introducing: Coky!

Ehh? Coky Some might say Coky's design was a kind of a cross between classic cartoon bugs and the face of Gerry Cohen (pre-beard). I say it's a coincidence.

MX Coky Sometimes, Coky would comment on the political arena of the Reagan-Bush I era. Here he is, toting an MX "Peacekeeper" missile. It's pretty rare for Coky to be drawn in color. I prefer 2B pencil on a manila folder!

 Coky Target And here he is giving a presentation on what a big target the USA is.

Frizhider Coky The IBI Yugoslavian Contingent of Seka and Ljubica get Coky to speak a little Serbo-Croatian. Here he identifies a refrigerator, which identifies itself also as a refrigerator. Someone else demonstrates on the same paper how to declare a blank EBCDIC constant in System 360 assembler.

 Coky Busted Mr. Mittleman was fond of this aphorism.

 Coky Jumps Sometimes, I'd try out different poses for Coky, since I had written an animation program and wanted to make a Coky cartoon at one point. Here is a Model sheet with some simple actions. This is not a very good model sheet, but I like some of the drawings.

 Coky Diet The little guy's diet was supposed to be this high carbo thing.

 Coky Math Sometimes, he had too much on his mind.

 Coky and PieFace Since I was developing the graphics for a long time, I tried to introduce some other characters, like Pie Face here. I don't think he ever turned up anywhere, though.

Fidel Fidel Castro turned up a lot when I was fixing and enhancing Fidel.

Coky, Zaychik, Durak Another character who occasionally shows up is Durak Pivo, ("Stupid Beer") named by sporadic IBI employee Sarah Weeks. Durak Pivo is either a hapless client or otherwise a schlemazel. He looks a little like Mr. Bill of Saturday Night Live Fame. Here he is, congratulating Greg Dorman (as "Zaychik" - Bunny) on becoming a V.P. Greg is carrying the plastic carrot pen that he wrote the CICS interface with, and a book of Homer.

 Coky Squashed Coky sometimes finds himself squashed like a bug in a Monty Python sketch.

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