Coky the Bug
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Coky also showed up as the mascot of the fantastic Far-Fig-Newton day, which was the first Friday (I think) after Halloween, where everyone could bring in leftover candy or candy from their kids' stashes, or newly bought candies and cakes and spend an hour getting some major sugar shock. Ahh, the Vax department!
The second FarFigNewton day in the Vax department!
The third FarFigNewton day in the Vax department!
The Vax department moves to an (unfinished) 28th floor.
The Rhamphorynchus was just one of a large collection of toy Dinos that seemed to accumulate in my office.
all I want for Christmans is a 3270 mod 5.
A rare color picture of Coky - as Rambo.
Super Coky to the rescue!
Technical Literature Award Winner, blessed by Kokeon
And here's why the award was awarded. Society for Technical Communication, 1981 or so.
"E2" used to be some kind of error, I think.

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