F O R  I M M E D I A T E  R E L E A S E

New York City, December 1998

ECHO (New York City's oldest and best-established online service) and its Art Conference are proud to announce the next in its series of exhibitions at the "Echo Galleries" with a group show entitled "THE COFFIN SHOW."

Following in the tradition of its highly successful exhibitions, the show features the work of some of Echo's most prominent and multi-talented members. Thirteen Echoids will design their own coffins and memorials. Exhibitors include: Hugh Haggerty (aka Hugo Braque), Stacy Horn, Ona Kiser (aka Ona), Liz Margoshes (aka Neander), Charlene McBride (aka charlene), Lisa M. Ng (aka LaLa), M.R. Petit (aka merpy), Minou Roufail (aka mugsy), Sandy Santra, Jodi Shapiro (aka Lexiconoclast), Gail Vachon (aka Ruby T.)

The ART Conference is about art, and other forms of self-conscious, intentional, rarefied, or mass cultural production. It's for artists, critics, professionals, amateurs, voyeurs, and people who think they don't know anything about it. Sample discussions include: "Your Own Movement, Your Own Manifesto"; "Technology, New Media & The Arts"; "Artists: What are you working on right now?"; and "Why don't I go to galleries anymore?"

It is hosted by Bill Gibbons and M.R. Petit. Gibbons (aka wastrel) is a painter and proprietor of his own mural house. Petit (aka merpy) is a multi-media artist and is a visiting professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, January 14th 1999 from 6-8 pm at the Echo Communications Offices, 179 Franklin Street, 4th floor New York, NY 10013. For more information: (212) 292-0910 or - end -

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