F O R  I M M E D I A T E  R E L E A S E

New York City, March 1998

ECHO, New York City's oldest and best-established online service, and its Art Conference are proud to present its continued series of exhibitions at the "Echo Galleries" with a group show entitled "ECHOED IMAGES - PART II"

As with previous exhibits, this show features the work of some of Echo's most prominent members and some of their best kept secrets: the watercolor paintings of renowned author Douglas Cooper (aka Visigoth); the roadside motel photographs of distinguished writer/editor Erin Clermont (Erin a.k.a. EB); the storytelling rolodexes of eminent Writing Conference Host, Nancy Graham (aka ngraham); the digital prints of noted animator Gail Vachon (aka Ruby T.); and last, but never least, the photographs of celebrated ECHO founder, Stacy Horn.

The ART Conference is about art, and other forms of self-conscious, intentional, rarefied, or mass cultural production. It's for artists, critics, professionals, amateurs, voyeurs, and people who think they don't know anything about it. Sample discussions include: "Your Own Movement, Your Own Manifesto"; "Technology, New Media & The Arts"; "Artists: What are you working on right now?"; and "Why don't I go to galleries anymore?"

It is hosted by Matthew Ehrlich, Bill Gibbons and M.R. Petit. Ehrlich (aka oedipa) works for MTV Networks and is a candidate for a PhD in Art History, Theory and Criticism at MIT. Gibbons (aka wastrel) is a painter and proprietor of his own mural house. Petit (aka merpy) is a multi-media artist and educator who teaches at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday, March 26th from 6-8 pm at the Echo Communications Offices, 179 Franklin Street, 4th floor New York, NY 10013. For more information: (212) 292-0910 or - end -

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