Thursday, May 13th, 1999 6:00 - 8:00 pm
at Echo Communications Group, 179 Franklin Street - 4th Floor
phone: (212) 292-0910

[Image by Henry Lowengard]

Gregory Blackburn (aka gergele) is currently enrolled in NYU's graduate program in Interactive Telecommunications. Previously an exhibit designer at The Newark Museum, he is interested in new media and sculpture.
(Contact: gregory@echonyc.com)

Laurie L. Balmuth (aka Gertrude Stain) is a painter and printmaker who lives in New York City and Portland Oregon. Her work is exhibited in Seattle Portland,Chicago and New York and is included in Museum collections in the United States and Internationally.
(Contact: lbalmuth@echonyc.com)

Rachel Fishman (aka Pez)
(Contact: rachel@echonyc.com)

Susan Forste (aka Danish Blend) is a complete unknown with no appropriate degrees who has some artwork in a storage space.
(Contact: srf@echonyc.com)

Philip Galanter is the Associate Director for Arts Technology at New York University, and an M.F.A. candidate at the School of Visual Arts. His current work in video, sound, installation, and 2D imaging is executed via generative systems he implements in software.
(Contact: galanter@echonyc.com)

Bill Gibbons (aka Wastrel) is a painter who holds a BA from Brown University, a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. His work has been exhibited nationally and is included in many collections. He is the proprietor of Bill Gibbons Studio, a mural house whose clients include many New York designers and architects.
(Contact: gibbo@echonyc.com)

Hugh Haggerty (aka Hugo Braque) is a Technical Engineer for an education company and does various freelance work. His lo-fi computer collages are assembled from found images and original photos taken with disposable cameras.
(Contact: hugh@echonyc.com)

Edward Hutchinson (aka The Lonesome Drifter) lives in New York and, while currently working as a sluggard, hopes someday to put his hopeless and nihilistic outlook into the service of humankind. His illustration work combines digital with traditional media. His favorite spring cocktail is the Sea Breeze.
(Contact: ehutch@echonyc.com)

Bruce Lenkei is a graphic designer living in Brooklyn who's been creating artwork in various forms since childhood. For the past few years he's been using his spare time to make abstract digital paintings. Since he's never displayed them before, he's not entirely sure what they look like when transferred to paper. His main goal is to own a record company, so that he can design all the CD covers himself, and combine his two main interests, art and music.
(Contact: lenkei@echonyc.com)

Henry Lowengard (aka nemo), Nancy Graham (aka ngraham) & Raymond (aka raybone) are a family of artists who create multimedia works related to the experience of living with children.
(Contact: jhhl@echonyc.com & ngraham@echonyc.com)

Charlene McBride (aka charlene) hails from the Midwest where everyone drives except her. She hopes someday to finish her undergraduate degree in Film and Television. It's only taken 10 years so far!
(Contact: mcbride@echonyc.com)

Lawrence Quigley (aka Quig) was born in Neptune NJ in 1965. He lived in Haworth, NJ until the age of 9 when he moved with his parents to Dallas, Texas. He studied Ceramics and Painting at Arts Magnet High School, in Dallas. After graduating the Rhode Island School of Design with a B.F.A. in painting he moved to Florida where he exhibited at the Orlando museum of Art and the Florida Gulf Coast art center. upon moving to New York he has exhibited in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Boston. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.
(Contact: quig@echonyc.com)

Karen Rose (aka KZ), a Surrealist who prefers the term Cerebralist, is known on both sides of the Atlantic for her acrylic paintings. Recently she began producing and winning awards for her digital/mixed media images. Whether pushing paint or pixels, her dreamscapes will take you where you think you want to be.
(Contact: kaizy@echonyc.com)

Minou Roufail (aka mugsy) lives and works in New York.
(Contact: roufail@echonyc.com)

Tony Saunders (aka Yowser) has been painting for a good portion of his life and still hasn't gotten the right blend of fleshy delight and geometrical rigor. Still trying, though. Here are some watercolor studies, also he has some digital proofs for you to look at. Think of this latest work as warm ups for a gigantic mural he's sure is just around the corner.
(Contact: yowser@echonyc.com)

Jodi Shapiro (aka lexiconoclast) is the brains, muscle, and doormat of Lexiconoclast Design. Jodi spends her days designing web sites for The Man, and her nights rocking out with the Boys.
(Contact: burun@echonyc.com)

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