Thursday, January 29th, 1997 6:00 - 8:00 pm
at Echo Communications Group, 179 Franklin Street - 4th Floor
phone: (212) 292-0910

Stephen Berg (Berg Man of Alcatraz) at the encouragement of a photo editor friend, borrowed a camera and took some bad pictures and printed them up while taking a class using antiquated equipment in a delapidated high school darkroom. Since then he's used better equipment, and printed more pictures, some of which he even likes. They are black-and-white, and he does mostly candid portraits and studies of stauary and religious iconography. During his days, he fiddles around with words for a magazine. During his nights, he does nothing much at all.

Hugh Haggerty (Hugo Braque) is a network and technical manager for a New York publishing house and has been a member of Echo since 1993. He is mostly self-taught in the realms of technology and art having only a B.A. in English. He would also like to credit the friendly guru system and the internet for spreading the knowledge.

M.R.Petit (Merpy) teaches WWW design at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU and makes animations for the Fund for the City of New York's websites. She hopes to abandon art and digital media someday. In the meantime, she practices the accordion a lot.

Janet Tingey is a freelance designer for print and new media products. She is an adjunct professor at New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program and hosts several conferences, including Digital Arts, on Echo.

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