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There are far too many versions of ssh available for us to provide specific instructions for every one of them. But here are instructions for the program that comes with OS X for Apple users, and a shareware program called Putty for PC users.

Mac users: OSX has a built in program to access ssh called terminal. It's in the Applications/Utilities folder.

1. Double click the terminal icon.
2. At the $ prompt type: ssh
(ie: ssh
3. You will then be prompted for your password.

(You might want to drag the terminal icon to your dock.)

PC Users: Go to or and download a free or shareware ssh program. People on Echo prefer something called Putty.

1. Double click putty icon.
2. Type into the "Host Name" field.
3. Hit return and you will be prompted for your login and password.

NOTE: The first time you use SSH it's going to ask you a question about the DSA key. Answer yes.

If you have any further questions, send mail to:

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