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Episode 01: There's a rent-stabilized apartment
Episode 02: Movin' on up!
Episode 03: Who's the Mary?
Episode 04: Getting to know all about you
Episode 05: Everybody's talking about it
Episode 06: A little Law & Order, blowin' in the wind
Episode 07: Other Non-Famous But Infamous Legends
Episode 08: The Tale of the Corrupt Russian Super
Episode 09: It's Our Pleasure to Serve You
Episode 10: On the Street Where You Live
Episode 11: Lewis the Doorman
Episode 12: Frankie and the Four Tops
Episode 13: Vincenzo the Super
Episode 14: The One Eyed Window Cleaner
Episode 15: Dog Day Afternoon
Episode 16: My Dogs and Their Pack
Episode 17: Love is in the Air
Episode 18: The Dogs & Humans of 853 - part 1
Episode 19: Free Therapy
Episode 20: Hooker the Bear
Episode 21: Just Play it Cool, Boy
Episode 22: Play Nice
Episode 23: I Gotta Strange Magic
Episode 24: More Dogs and Their Humans
Episode 25: This is a Man's World
Episode 26: Risky Business
Episode 27: And even more dogs of 716
Episode 28: The Guy on the Third Floor
Episode 29: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Episode 30: I'm King of the World
Episode 31: There's No Business Like Show Business
Episode 32: My Downstairs Neighbor
Episode 33: Burnin' Down the House
Episode 34: Breaking Up is Hard To Do
Episode 35: Thar She Blows (after the fire)
Episode 36: Meat Trafficking
Episode 37: Rosie the Dog Groomer
Episode 38: The Fat Lady Sings
Episode 39: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Part Deux
Episode 40: Guarda La CaCa
Episode 41: Don't Drink the Building Kool-Aid
Episode 42: Green Acres
Episode 43: Here Comes the Judge
Episode 44: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Episode 45: Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet the Specialist
Episode 46: The Dog Days of Summer
              A special note about last week's episode
Episode 47: The Tale of the Hungry Maid
Episode 48: Banging on the Pipes
Episode 49: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head, Again
Episode 50: The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
Episode 51: Like A Rolling Stone
Episode 52: Shock the Monkey, no, Dog
Episode 53: The Elephants Have Come to Town
Episode 54: And They All Lived Happily Ever After (ha ha ha)
Epilogue: Epilogue

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So this is a comix series inspired by my life and events that happen(ed) in New York City. Some parts are true and some are made up.

New episodes go up every Monday. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting.
- M

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